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Jøtul F 135


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The F 135. Jøtul F 130-series is a modern and stylish designed woodstove. For houses with a low energy demand, this stove is an ideal option. It is compact and designed to function optimally on low burn. This will in turn give you a positive heating experience both when it comes to warmth and a great view of the flames. The Jøtul F 130-series is a wood burning stove with a modern combustion system making it more efficient and reducing wood consumption by up to 40%. Integrated convection allows you to install the stove closer to combustible material. A gentle matt black surface gives Jøtul F 130-series a pure and subtle expression. Choose between pedestal or base, and with or without side glass. The designers behind this range is the award-winning design company Hareide Design.

Nominal output- 4.7 kW
Efficiency- 83%
Energy efficiency- Class A+
Heating capacity up to- 100 m²
CO Emission- 0.09%
Dust Product Emission- 5 mg/Nm³
NOx Emission- 148 mg/Nm³
OGC Emission- 79 mg/Nm³

Compact – Provides a positive heating experience in homes with low energy requirements
Modern – Clean design with even cleaner burning

Height- 1098 mm
Width- 410 mm
Depth- 396 mm
Log size up to- 25.00 cm
Flue outlet Ø- 150.00 mm
Flue exit- Top/Rear