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Jøtul F 483


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The F 483. The Jøtul F 480 series consists of two variants, both fully cast iron, convection stoves which can be positioned close to combustible walls. The tall burn chamber gives room for high, dancing flames and the rounded glass offers a great view to the fire from the side. The Jøtul F 483 is a round, fully cast iron, convection stove. This makes it ideal for positioning close to combustible walls and no firewall is needed. The arched glass offers a great view to the fire. An integrated ash solution gives it a clean front. This is one of the cleanest burning wood stoves in the world. Jøtul F 483 is characterized by Jøtul’s bestselling signature design, where the wood stove sits on a pedestal. Top mounted with turntable (accessory) it is also possible to rotate the stove 360 degrees to enjoy the flames from several angles or rooms.

Nominal output- 6.0 kW
Efficiency- 75%
Energy efficiency- Class A
Heating capacity up to- 143 m²
Heating capacity cubic up to- 275 m³
CO Emission- 0.08%
Dust Product Emission- 20 mg/Nm³
NOx Emission- 112 mg/Nm³
OGC Emission- 54 mg/Nm³

Large view to the fire
Environmentally friendly with low emissions
Short distance to combustible materials

Height- 1180 mm
Width- 466 mm
Depth- 460 mm
Log size up to- 30.00 cm
Flue outlet Ø- 150.00 mm
Flue exit- Top/Rear