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Arada Holborn 5 Widescreen

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As part of the Arada Stoves range the Holburn 5 Widescreen features the latest and best new Arada heating technology that combines a traditional stove appearance with Eco-design Ready credentials. The Holburn Widescreen stove is a 5KW stove which has a large door glass with a beautiful flame view. This is a stylish and easy-to-use heating companion for the home.

Energy Efficiency- Class A+
Nett Efficiency- 81.3 %
Nominal Output- 4.9 kW
Output Range- 3.9 – 5.9 kW
Mean Co Emission (@13% O2)- 0.1 %
Mean Co2 Emission (@13% O2)- 10 %
DIN+ particulate- 22 Nmg/m3
Mean NOx Emission (@13% O2)- 82 Nmg/m3
Mean OGC Emission (@13% O2)- 68 Nmg/m3
Flue Gas Mass Flow- 4.1 g/s
Flue Gas Temperature- 257 °C

Energy Efficiency – Class E
Nett Efficiency- 79.3 %
Nominal Output- 4.9 kW
Mean Co Emission (@13% O2)- 0.09 %
Mean Co2 Emission (@13% O2)- 9.7 %
DIN+ particulate- 10 Nmg/m3
Mean NOx Emission (@13% O2)- 102 Nmg/m3
Mean OGC Emission (@13% O2)- 19 Nmg/m3
Flue Gas Mass Flow- 4.2 g/s
Flue Gas Temperature- 281°C

Lifetime guarantee
Better than Eco-design standards when burning wood or solid fuel
Non-smoker paint
Approved for use in Smoke Control Areas
Stainless steel ash pan and throat plate
Top or rear 127mm (5′) flue outlet
Direct air compatible
Preheated air wash system for clean glass
Externally controlled riddling grate
Height adjusting legs as standard
Optional rear heat shield for closer positioning to combustibles

Width- 550 mm
Height- 665 mm
Height- (exc. standard feet) 553 mm
Depth- 388 mm
Flue Diameter- 127 mm
Height to centre of rear flue- 526 mm
Depth from back to centre of top flue- 134 mm
Ideal log length- 375 mm

Arada Holburn 5 Widescreen Manual