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Saltfire Peanut Marine


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The Peanut Marine designed for very small chimney openings and bridging the gap between standard domestic stoves and tiny home/ outdoor space/ glamping specific wood burners. It is suitable for use in all sorts of combustible material clad buildings. The highly effective double heatshield on the rear comes as standard on the Peanut Marine. The boat-specific version named ‘Peanut Marine’, with incorporated cook-top plate, fiddle rail and it’s compact marine tray, making it the perfect package for boat installations.

Nominal Heat Output- 4.7kW
Heat Output Range- 1 to 5kW
Efficiency- 82.7%
Energy Efficiency- A

Large viewing window
Ultra-clean burning
Low maintenance

Height- 480mm
Width- 348mm
Depth- 312mm
Log Size- 270mm